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Smart eBike Kits

Electric Wheel, Battery, Smart Control

FREE App Controller and Smartphone Holder

Free quick-release mobile phone holder for smartphones.

Use your smartphone and app as an ebike controller and stay legal on UK roads.

Each order of an e-bike conversion kit arrives complete with a quick release smartphone holder and app controller. Price: £22.99 FREE*

easy fit controller
*FREE with e-Bike kits
Smart e-Bike System

Just 3 e-bike components convert your existing bike into an electric bike

app controller for easy install ebike kits
battery for ebike conversion kit
motorised wheel for electric bike kit
App Controller
Bottle Battery
Electric Front Wheel
Drone positioning software controls the power assistance

Our ebike kits combine the hardware used in drones with software algorithms to remove annoying pedal sensors and brake sensors.

These smartfit ebike kits include:

  • Induction braking system
  • 6 high-sensitivity speed-measuring magnets
  • 6-axis gyroscope
  • Incline degrees detection
  • GPS location data for anti-theft tracking
smart ebike kit software
Drone technology calculates the right amount of pedal assistance computing your speed and incline

5 years of research removes PAS, brake sensors and handlebar controller.

controller for easi fit ebike kits
Smart PAS controller

Smart Fit ebike kits have in-built intelligence

  • Integrated gyroscope calculates position
  • Integrated peddle assist sensors
  • Automated motor sensor
  • Includes anti-theft GPS tracking
  • No need for PAS or brake sensor fitting

Anti-theft GPS tracking gives you piece of mind

The onboard e-bike computer is the latest must-have piece of cycling technology. It not only calculates your position and speed, but also features peddle assist sensors and an automated motor sensor, so you can get the most out of your ride. The integrated gyroscope ensures that you stay on track, while the anti-theft GPS tracking system keeps your bike safe and sound.

The integrated gyroscope ensures that you stay on track, while the anti-theft GPS tracking system keeps your bike safe and sound. Of course, you should take all the necessary security steps including using a suitable lock. An extra level of security is provided when you activate the locking function from your smartphone. This disables your motor and activates an alarm should your converted ebike be moved. Should it be necessary, your bike can be tracked when the battery is used using the inbuilt GPS tracking.

Anti-theft tracking scenario

Carl had been grabbing his breakfast on a crowded street in London. He was balancing his coffee on top of a garbage can and chatting with some friends when he realised his bike was gone – vanished.

“What happened to my bike?”

Smart ebike kit anti-theft explainer
Smart eBike kits have GPS tracking

Removes unnecessary parts and wires

No need for fiddly PAS sensors, messy wires, or handlebar clutter

The most advanced ebike kits on the market remove the need for tricky installs. Just 3 component parts are all that is required. Never worry about PAS systems, brake sensors, or confusing wiring ever again.

cheap ebike conversion kits
No rocket science required
swytch kit PAS sensor
No fiddly PAS fitting
bluetooth controller
No controller junk

Key features and benefits of the best eBike conversion kits with battery

miles for ebike conversion kit with battery
20 – 40 miles per charge
ebike conversion kit with tyre included
ebike kit with battery delivery times
FAST & FREE UPS Delivery
warranty easifir ebike kits
1 Year Warranty
ebike kit with battery included
5.8 Ah or 8.7 Ah Battery
easifit kit installation
Easy Installation

Official UK Supplier

LVBU ebike conversion kits
Official UK supplier of LVBU Easy Fit eBike Kits

Which ebike kit is best for you?

easy install ebike conversion kits
The original east to fit ebike kit with smart controller, battery and electric wheel. Range is 20 – 30 miles of cycling at 50% assistance. Great for pleasure riders and e-bike newbies.
easyfit 2 battery kit
Upgrade an easy fit ebike kit to the latest, bigger battery and smart controller. For existing owners of an easy fit type wheel kit. Swap your battery and increase your range by 50%.
easy fit ebike kit
The best ebike conversion kit by LVBU and now here in UK, only at bikekits.co.uk. Gain 30 – 40 miles of battery power at 50% assistance. The best and most powerful LVBU ebike kit in UK.

Smartfit eBike System Specification

Looking to make your bike commute a breeze? With our Intelligent eBike Kit, you can convert your regular bicycle into an electric bike in just minutes! The kit includes a motorised wheel, battery, and intelligent peddle assist – so you’ll be cruising along at speeds of up to 15.5 mph with ease. Plus, there’s no need for any complicated installation – just swap out your front wheel for the motorised one, install the bottle battery, and you’re good to go. Plus, we’ve included built-in GPS tracking to keep your bike safe from thieves. So why wait? Get moving with the Intelligent eBike Kit!

5.8 Ah and 8.7 Ah Bottle Battery

You have a light bulb going off in your head right now, don’t you? Since the invention of a battery that can fit within our water bottle cage and last two hours, we’re pretty sure there’s not a more inconspicuous eBike kit around. 20 Grade A lithium batteries deliver 20 to 30 miles on a single charge. Shaped to resemble a water bottle, your battery sits quietly in your water bottle cage.

easyfit2 ebike battery conversion kit battery
30 Samsung lithium batteries in IP65 waterproof casing

8.7 Ah Battery with Smart Control

  • 30 – 40 miles power assistance per charge
  • 8.7 Ah Waterproof Battery 1.5 kg
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 80% capacity after 1000 cycles
  • Overcharge protection
  • Temperature protection
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • Battery Safety Certificate
  • USB-C fast charge for smartphone
  • Full recharge in 3 hours

5.8 Ah Battery with Smart Control

  • 20 – 30 miles power assistance per charge
  • 5.8 Ah Waterproof Battery 1.4 kg
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • 80% capacity after 1000 cycles
  • Overcharge protection
  • Temperature protection
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • Battery Safety Certificate
  • USB charging port for smartphone
  • Full recharge in 3 hours
bottle battery  for ebike kits
20 Samsung lithium batteries in IP65 waterproof casing

LVBU Motor for Ebike Kits

t’s not always easy to pedal uphill, so the e-bike motor is a fantastic invention. If you’re feeling tired or finding it difficult work while cycling, you can just use your pedalling power around the flat ground around while the electrically powered motor helps you up any hills. You’ll enjoy longer days of riding and don’t even notice you’re getting tired at all!

ebike conversion kit motor
30N.m torque front hub geared motor

E-bike Kit Front Wheel Hub Motor

  • Single cable direct to your battery
  • 250W 36V Brushless Motor
  • LVBU Gear Drive Front Wheel Motor
  • Maximum torque of 30N.m
  • 19.9 mph top speed on private roads
  • 15.5 mph limit on public roads
  • IP65 waterproof grade
  • Delivered within a front wheel
  • Fitted tyre and tube included

Keep moving with an eBike conversion kit, powered by a 250W motor. This brushless little speed demon is fully legal in the UK and provides up to 250W of power without drawing too much attention – no need for cranks of gears when pedals will do just fine! Motorising your bike is the ultimate upgrade! This powerful electric hub offers clean electric energy at its best. The front-mounted pedal-assist system takes off some of the work to make it easier for you to cycle up hills or over long distances. Thanks to our lightweight aluminium alloy body, this silent performer can be hidden amongst the hub of your front wheel.

eBike Front Wheel

Electric bike wheels are a great way to convert your standard bicycle into an electric bike. There are many different types and brands of electric bike wheels on the market, so it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you.

Smartfit ebike kits come with an electric front wheel and a FREE pre-fitted tyre and tube. So no more messing with tyre changes and using old equipment. Simply swap your existing wheel for a Smartfit electric wheel, connect the battery and your installation is complete!

Electric Wheel Technical Specification

  • UK stock of 26″, 27.5″ and 700C ebike wheels
  • Alluminum alloy
  • Black wheel and spokes
  • Integrated 250W 36V front hub motor
  • 4.5 Kg
  • Disc brake compatible
  • Prefitted tyre and tube included
  • Drops into standard front forks with 10cm gap
  • Quick Installation and easy fitting
  • No resistance when battery switched off
easifit ebike wheel with motor
Front electric wheel with FREE fitted tyre and tube
Smart Peddle Assist Computer
smart PAS computer for ebike kit
Smartfit uses drone technology within your ebike kit

Smart PAS computer and battery controller

  • ARM Cortex-M3 main chip
  • 6-axis gyroscope motion processing
  • Computes inclines, speed and braking within one-tenth of one second
  • Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0
  • 6 speed-measuring magnets
  • IP65 waterproof enclosure

The least visible, but most intelligent part of your ebike kit, is the brains behind power assisted travel. Providing peddle assisted motorised power when cycling, it gives a power boost when the incline increases without any need for installing fiddly PAS or magnetic sensors!

Smartphone App Controller

Say good-bye to unnecessary equipment and wires. Now, you can feel like a superhero with an eBike controller that connects wirelessly to your mobile phone. This small but powerful device enables you to adjust the level of assistance depending on your needs. You’ll never want to use any other bike again!

The free app allows you to set the level of assistance with a simple tap of your mobile phone, delivering that little bit of help when it’s needed.

As well as a straight manual setting, there are four further choices for bespoke assistance whether you are commuting, hill riding, leisure riding or exercising.

phone app controller for ebike kits
Smartphone app removes need for bulky controllers

Switch Your Bike into an e-Bike

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Whether you’re looking for the best electric bike for commuting or want to hit the trails after work. the right e-bike lets you tackle longer days, steeper hills, and heavier loads. “

Cycling News

Shopping Bikes

electric bike kit on a shopping bike
Dutch or Shopping Bikes. eBike kits for 26 inch wheels.

Hybrid and Mountain Bikes

electric bike kit on hybrid bicycle
Hybrid commuting or mountain bikes. eBike kits include 27.5 inch and 700C wheels.

How do electric ebike conversion kits compare?

Switch and Save
Tyre includedYesNoYes
Range25 miles25 miles25 miles
Commute Speed15.5 mph15.5 mph15.5 mph
Power2 Sizes5 Ah5.8 Ah
Mobile App ControlYesNoYes
Thumb ThrottleYesNoNo
Warranty1 year1 year1 year
FREE Next Day DeliveryNoNoYes
Availability5 weeks12 weeksToday
All data and prices in public domain


If the idea of converting your bike to an e-bike is new to you, here are answers to some frequently asked questions about our waterproof e-bike kits with battery.

How fast will this eBike kit go?

How far will this eBike kit go?

FAQs about eBike Kits

Have questions about electric bike kits?

It’s only natural to have questions. If going electric is something you’re considering, our most common electric bike conversion kit questions are answered here

Support for eBike Conversion Kits

Smart Fit eBike Conversion Kits – Reliable technical support and videos to help you install your ebike kit.

So what now? By now you will have your key easy fit ebike kits questions answered. Now you’re ready to make the switch to electric, you can buy your electric bike kit here. Otherwise, please contact us with your questions.